I'm Martin,
Nice to meet you.
I'm a designer-developer crafting beautiful, functional, inclusive, and accessible web experiences. My consulting work is focused on front end development, design thinking, product prototyping, and technical strategy.

Low Tide Consulting is built around:

  • Modern JavaScript
    From proof-of-concept prototypes to enterprise applications, I'm primarily using ES6/7/8 JavaScript with Vue (along with its rich ecosystem of tooling) to build beautiful, performant, well-tested web experiences. That being said, I'm happy to work with React or Angular when they're the right fit.
  • Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design
    Simply put: in my experience, rapid, strategic iterations lead to better product development. My (continously improving) HCD/Design Thinking practice is inspired by Dan Nessler's Revised Double Diamond Framework, the wealth of resources produced by IDEO, and The Stanford d.school.

    In collaboration with stakeholders, we'll empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test product iterations to produce measurable results. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss this further!
  • Software Development Best Practices
    Let's empower your team to kick off a new project with the right foundation, or level up an existing code base (no matter how much TLC it needs). Easy-to-read, debuggable, modular code with strong unit/end-to-end testing coverage is the baseline.
  • Collaborating with Incredible Clients
    Great product development is a partnership. I've been incredibly fortunate to work with some of Canada's most reputable companies, with teams ranging in size from two to over 200. I've helped to build new products for The Globe and Mail (one of Canada's largest publishers), lectured for hundreds of students at Lighthouse Labs, levelled up development teams at established enterprise giants, and helped startups spin up their first prototypes. I take your trust seriously, and will always tell it as I see it.

Let's talk:

I'd love to discuss how we can knock your next project out of the park. You can reach me via the form below, on LinkedIn or at martin@consultlowtide.ca. Messages regarding great food, craft beer, or stand-up comedy are welcomed.